Henry Bostwick SANFORD - Media
19210606 abt_Henry Bostwick Sanford
16310202 Arms SANFORD-4
16310202 Arms SANFORD-1
16031222_Bostwick Coat of Arms-1
16700606_Huggins Coat of Arms-1
15990819_Phelps Coat of Arms-1
14840101 abt_PORTER Coat of Arms
15960812_MOTT Coat of Arms
17820101_Kirkpatrick Coat of Arms
17950101-Dunbar Coat of Arms-2
15620101_HUNT Coat of Arms
15650101_OWEN Coats of Arms-1
15800101_WILLIAMS Coat of Arms-1
16120101_Sanford-Colchester Essex+Gloucestershire+Westmoreland
16290920_PAINE Coat of Arms
15841126_COOKE Coat of Arms
15500101 abt_PERKINS Coat of Arms
16090101_BULL Coat of Arms
14850101_CLARK Coat of Arms
12540324_Arms of William III DE FERRERS Coat of Arms-1
12191103_Saer DE QUINCY Coat of Arms
16000101 abt_Sanford-Shropshire Coat of Arms
12430101 abt_CLIFFORD Coat of Arms-1
15150101_Wodell Arms
12610301 abt_Hugh LE DESPENCER Coat of Arms-1
13500515_Webb Coat of Arms-1
14690101_Arden Coats of Arms-1
20120714_Descendants of William McCanne
20120714_Descentants of Henry Huggins Sanford
20120714_Family Link SANFORD to Captain William PIERCE and to POCAHANTAS
20120714_Henry Huggins Sanford Pedigree w Maiden Names
20120714_Henry Phelps Sanford - Mayflower Descendant
20120714_Sanford Link to HUNT-PHELPS-PAINE-HUGGINS
20120714_Smith and Cramer
18950620 abt-1_Henry Bostwick Sanford
18950620 abt-2_Henry Bostwick Sanford
18950620 abt-3_Henry Bostwick Sanford
18950715 abt_HRB+HBS+BBS
18950825-2 abt_HBS+BBS
18950825-3 abt_HBS+HWB
18950825-4 abt_AMB+HBS
18950915 abt_HBS+BBS+HRB+AMB
18960402_Henry Bostwick Sanford, age 16 mo
18960520-1 abt_Henry Bostwick Sanford
18960520-2 abt_Henry Bostwick Sanford
18960520-3 abt_Henry Bostwick Sanford
18970710_abt AMB+WFB+HBS
18981021 abt_Henry Bostwick Sanford
18990202 abt_Henry Bostwick Sanford-1
18990202 abt_Henry Bostwick Sanford-2
18990601 abt_WFB+HBS
18990725 abt_EMS+WFB+HBS
19000101 abt Census of Henry H Sanford Family
19000301 abt_EMS+HBS
19000605-2 abt_HHS Family in Cleveland
19000605-3 abt_HHS Family in Cleveland
19000605-4 abt_EMS+BBS+HBS in Cleveland
19000605-5 abt_HBS+EMS in Cleveland
19000615 abt_HBS+HSB
19000629-3 abt_HHS Family in Detroit
19000704-1 abt_Henry Bostwick Sanford-2
19000704-1 abt_Henry Bostwick Sanford
19020820-1 abt_Sanford Home in Chicago
19020820-2 abt_HBS+EMS
19040202_Henry Bostwick Sanford-1 age 9 yrs
19040202_Henry Bostwick Sanford-2 age 9 yrs
19040202_Henry Bostwick Sanford-3 age 9 yrs
19040905 abt_EMS+WFB+AHB+HBS+HRB
19050508_HBS+Percy Phelps Sanford
19051001 abt_EMS+WFB+AHB+HBS
19080504 abt_Henry Bostwick Sanford
19080715 abt_Henry Bostwick Sanford 2nd fm rt
19090202 abt_HBS+EMS+Violin Class
19100101_1910 Census for Sanford's in Mansfield
19100101_Henry Bostwick Sanford 1910 Census
19110202 abt_Henry Bostwick Sanford age 16
19130202 abt_Henry Bostwick Sanford
19160601_Henry Bostwick Sanford
19170501 abt_ Henry Bostwick Sanford
19170826-01_Henry Bostwick Sanford-1
19170826-02_Henry Bostwick Sanford
19170826-03_Henry Bostwick Sanford
19171215_Henry Bostwick Sanford
19180302 abt_Henry Bostwick Sanford
19180318_HBS US Army ID Card-1
19180318_HBS US Army ID Card-2
19180907_Marriage Record+Henry B Sanford & Irene Elizabeth McCanne
19240202 abt_HBS+HMS
19250901_ HHS+Family+HMS
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