Anabel Marie BATTY - Media
19440601-2_Anabel Marie Batty
17440203_Batty Coat of Arms-1
16450101 abt_ PUTMAN Coat of Arms
16090101_MACON Coat of Arms
15890101 SUMMERS Arms
17730101_BAINES Coat of Arms
16150101_BALL Coat of Arms
16500101 Darnell Arms
17200101-Mcintosh Arms
15650101_OWEN Coats of Arms-1
15960812_MOTT Coat of Arms
15800101_WILLIAMS Coat of Arms-1
20120714_Descendants of J H Batty
20120714_Family Link to GEORGE WASHINGTON
20120714_Jesse Huber Batty Family
1955121_David, Allen M, Linda, Anabel & Robert H Sanford
19300902 abt_Helen, Robert & Anabel Batty
19301002 abt_Helen & Anabel Batty
19310702-2 abt_ Anabel & Flora May Batty
19340702-01 abt_Batty Family
19340702-02 abt_Batty Family
19340702-12 abt_Harry, Helen, Anabel & Betty Batty
19350802 abt_Anabel & Helen Batty
19350902 abt_Anabel Batty
19360630 abt_Anabel & Harry Batty
19360701 abt_Betty,Anabel,Robert, May Helen,Jesse
19360702 abt_Helen, Anabel, Betty & J.H Batty
19380102 abt_Anabel, Helen & Betty Batty
19380702 abt_Anabel & Robert Batty
19390701 abt_Anabel, Harry, Robert, Betty, Helen Batty
19400701-2 abt_Anabel Batty
19411002 abt_Anabel & May Batty
19440301_Jesse Huber & Anabel Batty
19440402-1 abt_Anabel Marie Batty
19440402-2 abt_Anabel Marie Batty
19440402-3 abt_Anabel Marie Batty
19440402-4 abt_Anabel Marie Batty
19440415_Anabel Batty (Frnt Cntr)
19440501_Anabel Marie Batty
19440501-1_Anabel Marie Batty
19440501-2_Anabel Marie Batty
19440930_Allen Sanford & Anabel Batty-1
19440930_Allen Sanford & Anabel Batty-2
19441001_Anabel Batty & Allen Sanford
19441115-2 Anabel Marie Batty & Allen McCanne Sanford
19450101-2_Allen McCanne Sanford
19450215_Anabel Marie Batty
19450401_Anabel Marie Batty (2nd Rw Fm Fr, 4th Fm Lft)
19450509_Anabel Marie Batty
19450515_Anabel Marie Batty
19460515-3_Allen McCanne Sanford & Anabel Marie Batty
19461001-1_Allen McCanne Sanford & Anabel Marie Batty
19461001-2_Allen McCanne Sanford & Anabel Marie Batty
19461015-1_Anabel Marie Batty
19461015-2_Anabel Marie Batty
19461015-3_Anabel Marie Batty-1
19461015-3_Anabel Marie Batty-2
19461015-4_Anabel Marie Batty-1
19461015-4_Anabel Marie Batty-2
19470503_Allen McCanne Sanford & Anabel Marie Batty-5
19470601 abt_Anabel Marie Batty
19470601_Anabel Marie Batty-4
19470601_Anabel Marie Batty-5-1
19470601_Anabel Marie Batty-5-2
19470630-1 abt_Helen & Anabel Batty
19470630-5_Anabel Marie Batty & Jesse Huber Batty
19471120-1_Anabel Marie Batty
19471120-7_University of Illinois & Anabel
19471225 abt_Anabel Marie Batty
19471225_Anabel Marie Batty
19480509-1_Anabel Marie Batty
19480509-2_Anabel Marie Batty
19480509-3_Anabel Marie Batty
19480615_Anabel Marie Batty (Bk Rw, Center)
19480616-2_Anabel Maire Batty & Flora May Batty
19480616-3_Anabel Marie Batty Grad Fm Northwestern
19480616-4_Anabel Marie Batty Grad Fm Northwestern
19480616-5_Anabel Marie Batty Grad Fm Northwestern
19480702-2 abt_Helen, Anabel & Betty Batty
19480801-1_Anabel Marie Batty & Allen McCanne Sanford
19480801-2_Irene Sanford, Anabel Batty & Henry B Sanford
19480802 abt_Anabel Marie Batty & Allen McCanne Sanford
19481117-2_Jesse Huber, Flora May & Anabel Batty, & Allen Sanford
19481122-01_AMS+ABS Wedding Announcement
19481128-1_Irene McCanne Sanford, Allen & Anabel (Batty) Sanford
19481128-2_Henry B, Anabel & Irene M Sanford
19481128-3_Anabel (Batty) Sanford & Irene McCanne Sanford
19481230_Henry M+Allen M+Anabel+Henry B Sanford
19490701-1_Anabel Marie (Batty) Sanford
19490701-2_Anabel Marie (Batty) Sanford
19490701-3_Anabel Marie (Batty) Sanford
19490701-4_Anabel Marie (Batty) Sanford
19500615 abt_Anabel Batty Sanford w Cockley Family
19500619_Allen Keifer, Allen M & Anabel Sanford
19500701-02_Helen+Anabel+Huber Batty
19500701-03_Anabel+Jesse Huber Batty
19500701-04_Allen+Anabel+Helen+Jesse Huber
19500701-08_Allen & Anabel (Batty) Sanford
19500703-01_Anabel Sanford & Rodney Rasmussen
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