Linda Kay SANFORD (Living, Female) - Media
20110617_Linda Kay Sanford Wirt
16310202 Arms SANFORD-4
16310202 Arms SANFORD-1
17440203_Batty Coat of Arms-1
16450101 abt_ PUTMAN Coat of Arms
16090101_MACON Coat of Arms
15890101 SUMMERS Arms
17730101_BAINES Coat of Arms
16150101_BALL Coat of Arms
16500101 Darnell Arms
17200101-Mcintosh Arms
15650101_OWEN Coats of Arms-1
17520701_McCanne Coat of Arms
18220617_Schmidt Coat of Arms-2
18050621_Cramer Coats of Arms-1
16031222_Bostwick Coat of Arms-1
14840101 abt_PORTER Coat of Arms
15960812_MOTT Coat of Arms
17820101_Kirkpatrick Coat of Arms
17950101-Dunbar Coat of Arms-2
16700606_Huggins Coat of Arms-1
15620101_HUNT Coat of Arms
15800101_WILLIAMS Coat of Arms-1
15990819_Phelps Coat of Arms-1
16120101_Sanford-Colchester Essex+Gloucestershire+Westmoreland
16290920_PAINE Coat of Arms
15841126_COOKE Coat of Arms
15500101 abt_PERKINS Coat of Arms
16090101_BULL Coat of Arms
14850101_CLARK Coat of Arms
12540324_Arms of William III DE FERRERS Coat of Arms-1
12191103_Saer DE QUINCY Coat of Arms
16000101 abt_Sanford-Shropshire Coat of Arms
12430101 abt_CLIFFORD Coat of Arms-1
15150101_Wodell Arms
12610301 abt_Hugh LE DESPENCER Coat of Arms-1
13500515_Webb Coat of Arms-1
14690101_Arden Coats of Arms-1
20120714_Descendants of J H Batty
20120714_Descentants of Henry Huggins Sanford
20120714_Family Link SANFORD to Captain William PIERCE and to POCAHANTAS
20120714_Family Link to GEORGE WASHINGTON
20120714_Jesse Huber Batty Family
20120714_Smith and Cramer
20120714_SANFORD and MCCANNE German & Scotch-Irish Roots
1955121_David, Allen M, Linda, Anabel & Robert H Sanford
19510828-1_Linda Kay & Anabel (Batty) Sanford
19510831-1_Anabel (Batty) & Linda Kay Sanford
19510831-2_Anabel (Batty) & Linda Kay Sanford
19510901 abt_Allen M & Linda Kay Sanford
19510903-1 abt_Flora May Batty & Linda Kay Sanford
19510903-2 abt_Flora May Batty & Linda Kay Sanford
19510905 abt_IMS+LKS
19511101-1 abt_Linda Kay Sanford
19511101-2 abt_Linda Kay Sanford
19520301 abt_Linda Kay & Anabel (Batty) Sanford
19520330_Linda Kay Sanford
19520401 abt_Sanford
19520501 abt_Linda Kay Sanford
19520502_Linda Kay Sanford
19520511_Linda Kay Sanford
19520601-01_Linda Kay Sanford
19520601-02_Linda Kay Sanford-2
19520601-03_Linda Kay Sanford
19520601-04_Linda Kay Sanford+IMS
19520601-05 abt_Linda Kay Sanford
19520601-07 abt_Linda Kay Sanford
19520601-08 abt_Linda Kay Sanford
19520602-1 abt_AMS+LKS
19520602-2 abt_Linda Kay Sanford
19520610-1_Linda Kay Sanford
19520615_Sanford & Rasmussen
19520710-1_Allen M & Linda Kay Sanford
19520710-2_Allen M & Linda Kay Sanford
19520710-3_Linda Kay Sanford
19520710-4_Linda Kay Sanford
19520710-5_Anabel (Batty) & Linda Kay Sanford
19520711 abt_AMS+LKS
19520815-1_Linda Kay Sanford
19520915-1 abt_Linda Kay Sanford
19520915-2 abt_Anabel (Batty), Linda Kay & Allen M Sanford
19520930-1_Linda Kay Sanford
19520930-2_Linda Kay Sanford
19520930-3_Linda Kay Sanford
19521201-1_Linda Kay Sanford
19521201-2_David Allen & Linda Kay Sanford
19521201-3_Linda Kay Sanford
19521201-4_David Allen, Allen M & Linda Kay Sanford
19521201-5_Anabel, David Allen & Linda Kay Sanford
19521210-1_Linda Kay & David Allen Sanford
19530102-2_Allen M, Linda K, David A & Anabel Sanford
19530601-1_Allen M, Linda K & David A Sanford
19530601-2 abt_ Linda Kay Sanford
19530620-1 abt_Linda Kay Sanford