Flora May PUTMAN - Media
19240831-2 abt_Flora May +Jesse Huber Batty
16450101 abt_ PUTMAN Coat of Arms
15890101 SUMMERS Arms
16150101_BALL Coat of Arms
16500101 Darnell Arms
17200101-Mcintosh Arms
15960812_MOTT Coat of Arms
15650101_OWEN Coats of Arms-1
20120714_Jesse Huber Batty Family
20120714_Descendants of J H Batty
20120714_Family Link to GEORGE WASHINGTON
20120714_Jesse Huber Batty Family
19250101-1_Flora May (Putman) Batty
19251102-2 abt_ May Batty
19251102-2 abt_ May Batty+bw
19310702-2 abt_ Anabel & Flora May Batty
19340702-01 abt_Batty Family
19340702-09 abt_Flora May (Putman) Batty
19360701 abt_Betty,Anabel,Robert, May Helen,Jesse
19380701 abt_May, Jesse Huber & Betty Batty
19411002 abt_Anabel & May Batty
19470630-4_Allen McCanne Sanford
19480616-2_Anabel Maire Batty & Flora May Batty
19481117-2_Jesse Huber, Flora May & Anabel Batty, & Allen Sanford
19500701-06_May Batty+Allen Sanford+Jesse Huber Batty
19500701-07_May Batty+Allen Sanford+Jesse Huber Batty
19500702-2_Jesse Huber & May Batty
19500703-05_Flora May (Putman) Batty
19500703-06_Batty Family
19500703-07_Batty Family
19500704_May Batty+Allen Sanford
19500704-2_Batty Family
19510630-1_Anabel (Batty) Sanford & Flora May Batty
19510630-2_Anabel (Batty) Sanford & Flora May Batty
19510903-1 abt_Flora May Batty & Linda Kay Sanford
19510903-2 abt_Flora May Batty & Linda Kay Sanford
19530704-03_May Batty & Linda Kay Sanford
19530704-28_May & Jesse Huber Batty & David Sanford
19530706-09 abt_May Batty & David Sanford
19530706-10 abt_May Batty & David Sanford
19530706-11 abt_May Batty & David Sanford
19530706-12 abt_May Batty & David Sanford
19530707-01 abt_May Batty & David Sanford
19570501-2 abt_May Batty & David Allen Sanford
19590301-12 abt_May Batty w David, Linda & Allen M Sanford
19590301-14 abt_Batty & Sanford Family
19590301-15 abt_Batty & Sanford Photo
19590301-16 abt_Alan Huggins Sanford & Flora May (Putman) Batty
19750516 abt_Robert Batty Family
19980101-2 abt_Flora May (Putman) Batty
19990102_Flora May (Putman) Batty
19990115_Flora May Batty+Last Will - p 1
19990115_Flora May Batty+Last Will - p 2
19990420_Flora May Batty Death Certificate
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